Important Theme Blvd Support Announcement

Today, we’re announcing a major change in how we handle customer support. — Due to the growth of our Jump Start customer base over our ThemeForest customer base, the support forums have become much less efficient recently and harder for us to manage on our servers. On July 1, 2016, we’ll be closing the forums from new replies, and will be handling all future support requests through a new private, email ticket system.

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Frontend scripts moved to footer in framework 2.5.2 update

I would say it’s safe to say, at this point, that it’s common knowledge that it’s more optimal for the loading of your site that the javascript files are included at the bottom of the site’s HTML.

In past versions of our framework a couple of years ago, I had done this with good intentions, by setting $in_footer to true, when calling wp_enqueue_script(). However, I found that doing this caused conflicts with a surprising amount of plugins out there, doing odd things with wp_enqueue_script(). So, to avoid confused customers in support complaining about plugin compatibility, I had decided to just to undo all this and not include theme scripts in the footer.

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Creating Portfolios with Theme Blvd Framework 2.5+ Themes

A lot of people see our Portfolios plugin, install it, and then become a little confused — “Ok, so now what?” It’s almost too simple.

The truth is that if you’ve figured out how to use your Theme Blvd theme, you’ve played with the Layout Builder, and you have a basic understanding of how posts are displayed, you pretty much already know how to use the plugin. But if not, that’s okay; let’s clear up some of the confusion in this article.

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